I thought Brad Bird was a Legend…

…until I read he co-wrote his new movie, ‘Tomorrowland’, with Damon Lindelof.

Now I have serious doubts…


I loved, seriously loved, ‘The Incredibles’. I’d be tempted to say it’s my favourite Pixar movie, which is no mean feat. I’m eagerly anticipating the day that I can sit my kids down and pop ‘The Incredibles’ in the disc drive and watch it with them – it is an extraordinary movie that fully epitomises everything that I love about Superheroes, Spy movies, and animated comedy in such a warm, intelligent and lovingly crafted way. It will tell my Son & Daughter all they needs to know about why I love those genres so much and show them how much depth and possibility exists within them.

The Incredibles

I liked Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol a great deal too. It was a solid Spy-based action movie that was full of intrigue, breathtaking action, and intelligent humour. Not bad for his first live action-er. I found tonnes to enjoy in it.

Let’s also not forget he was a big part of the golden-age of ‘The Simpsons’ – back when it was still funny and significant.

He’s so widely recognised as one of Hollywood’s finest Writer/Directors he was a serious contender for the new Star Wars film at one point – an opportunity he turned down because he was already in pre-production on ‘Tomorrowland’.

Another little tidbit – looking him up on IMDB I also discovered he was the screenwriter for ‘Batteries Not Included’ – an often over-looked 80’s gem that I have much nostalgic love for. The guy is one outstanding, multi-talented individual.

Sadly – the discovery of his writer credit on ‘Batteries Not Included’ on IMDB did not counter-act my dismay at the aforementioned co-writer credit found on ‘Tomorrowland’. I’m almost disappointed that the ‘Tomorrowland’ trailer intrigued me so much it drove me to IMDB to investigate it further.

Batteries Not Included Poster

I so dislike anything Damon Lindelof has touched. In fact – my blog post slagging ‘Lost’ and ‘Prometheus’, entitled “Damon Lindelof’s Writing is Rubbish” is undoubtedly my most read blog post according to my WordPress stats. Type “Damon Lindelof Sucks” into to Google and my post is the second result – a source of great pride for me but also an indicator that I am not alone in this! I can’t fathom how a clearly talented writer/director such as Brad Bird would touch Damon Lindelof’s mediocre capability with a barge pole –  the only thing I can see is that Lindelof is a bit of a J.J. Abrams acolyte and Bird & Abrams are pretty cosy too.

Anyway – god help ‘Tomorrowland’ – Lindelof’s name on it, simply put, indicates nothing but the potential for disaster. I have no faith in Lindelof at all. Let’s hope Bird is the larger influence in the writing efforts, otherwise we’re in for a dreadful mess.


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