My Little Pony Invades my House…

In the last couple of month’s my house has been invaded by the latest little girl obsession to come along – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

My Little Pony

There is 4 seasons of the show and a pair of spin off, straight to DVD movies. (“The Equestria Girls”) and it would not be inaccurate to say that my viewing of a large number of these episodes has broken double figures each. In fact, for a handful of Little Miss Six favourites it would not be too crazy to suggest I’m hitting 20+ viewings. And that’s the number of viewings with me sitting, watching with her, I couldn’t even fathom how many times each episode has been watched with her Mother, or independently while a meal was being prepared or Mini Mr Six was getting his nappy changed.

I was joking about this with some colleagues at work just the other day. They were all suitably impressed by my Pony related knowledge – and I commented that Little Miss Six has got an incredible amount of stamina for repetition and we’d been watching My Little Pony episodes over & over.

It’s funny, because in the vast majority of instances in which I sit with my little angel watching My Little Pony I’ve reached the point where I’m not even actually watching it – I fall into a strange subconscious state, my mind wanders in all sort of directions as I snuggle on the sofa with her. Clearly this incredible My Little Pony knowledge has been absorbed through osmosis because I ain’t actively trying.

MLP Blind Bags

Mind you; it’s not only the telly that’s been invaded, we’ve got teddies, dolls, figurines & pyjamas all of the My Little Pony variety creeping into the household and contributing to the ever increasing amount of memory space I’m having to dedicate to the names of these colourful little creatures she love so much. And with a 4th birthday coming up there is only more of this plastic My Little Pony themed shit to come!

This isn’t the first time this stamina for repetition has manifested itself. I can think of numerous examples of this through the life of my children – from hour long peekaboo sessions to a century of Frozen viewings. Just today, while watching “The Best Night Ever” (Season 1, Episode 26.), I was made to rewind one of the musical interludes (“Pokey Pony” for those who are interested) 5 times until I called a stop to it and insisted she got on with watching the remainder of the episode.

I’m not alone either – many other parents I have brought this up with have similar stories of constant, tedious, unchanging obsessions that numb the parent’s mind into oblivion.

I’m not daft – I totally get that this is a learning process for my little girl. It’s understandable how repetition for toddlers is driven by their desire for the knowledge & structure that can be found in recurrent activity, as well a sense of security & comfort that they receive from the familiar. It’s all good developmental activity…

…but damn, it sure is frickin’ hard to get through some days.


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