“How Do I Make Love?”

I had a chuckle-some experience with Little Miss Six the other day. To buy myself some peace & quiet to make dinner the other night I set Little Miss Six off with a spelling game on the iPad in the living room, dug Mini Mister Six out some toy cars, turned on the telly, and then escaped to the kitchen to get a Dad special (Chicken Dippers, McCain’s Smiley faces, and baked beans… with BBQ sauce in the side) in the oven.

The Dad's Special

The Dad’s Special

10 minutes or so passed and all was well. Oven had warmed up, Chicken Dippers were cooking, and the kids were having a rare moment of good behaviour. That was, until Little Miss Six trotted into the kitchen with the iPad in her hands and asked – “Daddy, can you help me make love?”

Momentarily stunned – I turned heel and walked, without a word, into the front room. My first thought was that I had turned the telly on and neglected to change the channel to Disney Junior, and had left it on whatever child-unfriendly channel we had been watching the night before (At that time of day you can guarantee that Comedy Central have a Friends repeat on or a Two & A Half Men – both a bit naughty in a sexy way). This was not the case: Curious George was busy doing his curious thing on Disney Junior and the viewing was wholly age appropriate.

How you doin

I had to say something, (I’d not answered her question for a good 2/3 minutes by this point) so I turned to Little Miss Six and asked: “Where have you picked that up from? Who taught you ‘Making Love’?”

To which she replied – “It’s here, on my game, Daddy’”

I hastily took the iPad away from her, fearful of what webpage or random app she had discovered. What I found was a Disney Frozen puzzle game, with 4 blank spaces and a keyboard on the screen, and a voice-over from Olaf asking “I love summer. Can you spell LOVE?”

Make/Spell? It’s all semantics really…

Olaf Loves Summer


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