How do Mermaids Poo?

Thank goodness it’s Friday – you know what that means – time for a ‘15’! Let’s see if I can put a little smile on your face before we close the week and head into the weekend.

Little Miss Six asked me an interesting question the other morning – “Daddy, how do Mermaids poo?”

I have no insight or understanding as to what prompted the question (outside of Little Miss Six’s usually strange obsession with all things scatological – is this the norm with 3 yr olds?) but it certainly gave me a moment’s pause as I was whirl winding around trying to get out of the house on time for work in the morning.


The answer was, of course, completely obvious and I replied:

“They produce little pellets that they leave along the sea bed, and over time they turn into magical jewels.”

Move over David Attenborough…

Recently Mini Mr Six turned 1. I know – 1 already. Where did that time go? We had a little picnic for him one gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon and the family came along to celebrate.

Whenever friends & family asked leading up to his birthday what he might want – I was inclined to give one answer – “it doesn’t matter what he wants: please send as much Clarks shoes vouchers as you can afford to give!”.


As a learning point to parenthood I never realised that;

(a.) Kid’s shoes seem to cost as much, if not more, than my own and;

(b.) new shoes were going to be needed at minimum every 2 months;

(c.) even when they’ve got shoes that fit they find ways of freaking destroying them

Throw in a fancy pair for weddings & parties and, before you know it, you’ve broken the bank.

Anyway – Mini Mr Six has his first “proper” pair of shoes bought with his birthday vouchers today and he looks, very, very sweet wearing them.

Have a great weekend Internet land – I’ll see you on the other side…


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