BBC Glastonbury Coverage…

Did anybody else watch the BBC coverage of Glastonbury over the weekend?

I spent quite a big chunk of my evenings following the shows on the various BBC channels and, I’ve got to say, my enjoyment of the coverage was affected by one very simple reason – a number of the Beebs presenters are character-less simpletons.

It was largely the three BBC 3 presenters that I found so annoying, but everyone had their part to play in ruining it for me. They seemed to have little to offer in anyway about the music; their main talent seemed to be making pointless and vapid comments that gave no real insight into the musicians, the music, quality of performances, or captured any of the atmosphere of the event.

Glastobury 2014

In one segment I saw the BBC presenter “interview” Paolo Nutini before his performance. She swooned over him like a teenage groupie, asking inane questions, culminating in her gifting him with the most awful shirt known to mankind. I was able to divine nothing about the performance he intended to give and she failed to deeper dive on any of his comments that might indicate what he is working on at the moment. The interview fell just two steps short of her effectively asking  if she could give him a blowjob after the gig.

The tall lad in the desert boots was not much better (I’m sorry, I did not pay any attention to what their names were). It seems he defines “interviewing” as “making idiotic or condescending comments” that were far from entertaining. He was also inclined to take things off on rambling tangents, all in the name of being “cool” & “wacky”, but was really a transparently failed attempt to disguise his ignorance of the music and his tedious lack of talent.

This trio of idiocy was completed by a brown haired girl who, it appeared, was supposed to be the “edgy” one, but was in fact a pointless cipher with a serious personality deficit. Tattoos and a leather jacket do not a personality make – something about what you say and do defines you and she behaved like a teeny-bopping groupie asking the most absurdly meaningless questions of the artists.

Mark R & Jo W

Sadly – I felt pretty let down by the supposedly more “mature” coverage on BBC 2 & 4 too. Presenters who I respected from years gone by; Mark Radcliffe, Jo Whiley, and Lauren Laverne – who I have listened to & watched since my Britpop days – seemed a bit off form too. While adding a bit more depth to the proceedings, they seemed mostly concerned with pointing out how relevant they still are with constant references to how often they play contemporary artists on their Radio 6 shows and pointing out how many times they’ve met the bands.

The other thing I noticed was the camera work. Did anyone else notice how pervy the cameramen where? No opportunity was missed to get a good T&A shot of a female artist (and in some cases; a ‘V’ shot. I’m looking at you Lilly Allen!) or a tight trouser-ed bulge angle of a male artist. Not that I’m complaining – there’s no denying that some of these artists sell themselves on sex appeal and I certainly enjoy the girly eye-candy as much as the next guy – but I suppose I was a bit taken aback by the flagrancy of it from a great British institute like the BBC!

Lilly Allen's V

Asides from the failings of the BBC presenters I enjoyed the music on show. Glastonbury is an eclectic mix of talents on display and I discovered a few bands & artists I was not familiar with that I have made a note of to explore more.

So next year – I’ll mostly be recording the coverage – and fast forwarding the in-between-y bits that involves any of the fools the BBC choose to MC the shows.



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