Doc McStuffins in my Shoe & Reaffirmed Faith in Mankind…

Word up all – it’s Friday 15 time – on a Tuesday. I’m back – after a loooong hiatus – with some insights for you into my little family life!

I did really well to work to the high level I have done recently (the usual high level, of course) as I am officially in a period of mourning. I have suffered a great loss this week. Mini Mr Six has started to move about and get his crawl on – and it appears that, unobserved by my wife for just a matter of seconds, he can crawl over to a limited edition R2-D2 Xbox and break the disc tray off.

The grief was almost debilitating when I received the voicemail from the current Mrs Six notifying of the fatal damage to my Xbox – and I had fight back my tears, hunker down, and get on with my work. (Life goes on)

R2D2 Xbox

As a side note – if anybody is interested in buying either a faulty Xbox or a naughty baby with murderous intent towards electronic goods – send your enquiries to my PM inbox. I’m looking for a quick sale – the stress of my fear for the life of my Blu-Ray player is getting too much to bear…

Little Miss Six has also developed an odd piece of activity recently to entertain herself; a perfect example of which was the other day. Having a desk-y day in my most local office scheduled, I had dressed down and, as it had been a little cool that day, I had donned my finest Mancunian uniform and thrown an Adidas Track Top over the top of my shirt & jeans. As I was getting ready to leave the house I draped the top across the back of a chair in the dining room and foolishly puttered around doing various getting ready things leaving the top undefended. Hours later, reaching into my pocket, I discovered this:


(If you’re struggling to see – it’s 2 plastic cookies and a rasher of plastic bacon. The mouse was on my desk – but think of makes a nice hat for the plastic food face.)

I should know better really, as on Tuesday I did the same with my suit jacket and found a small gathering of yoghurt covered raisins and a miniature Sleeping Beauty in my pocket as I got into the car! On Saturday morning I was the victim of a painful assault from a small Hallie and Chilly hidden in my shoe. The drawer in my bedside cabinet, thankfully used for such family friendly items as nail scissors, has been inhabited by a small furry sea-lion and a carriage from a toy ferris wheel. Little Miss Six has taken to hiding her toys in odd places (Mostly in my clothes). This strange behaviour I think may have been driven my Mini Mr Six’s new found mobility as we’ve been nagging her more & more to tidy up toys of a choke-able size off the floor.

Aren’t kids funny?

I was in London recently with work, and on the Monday night, sat in the Holiday Inn, I got a mad craving for some biscuits to accompany the trashy rubbish I was watching on the Freeview telly. (On a side note – someone really needs to engage these hotels from Sky and box off a deal for the television package – there’s a certain quality of televisual viewing I’m accustomed to, y’know? There’s only so many E4 repeats of Friends, How I met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory I can watch!)

Have you met Ted?

Eager to satisfy this craving I plodding down the road to the Cost-Co, manoeuvring through the BMX riding Norf-Laaaandan Wide boys (prowling for mobile-phone snatch & grab opportunities no doubt), and got myself some chocolate digestives.

The next day, as I gathered up my loose pocket items from the desk (phone, cash, security card etc) I realised that I had lost a ten pound note. I checked my jeans pockets, my wallet, the floor and the suit I wore the day before, but to no avail. I concluded I must have dropped it, maybe in the shop when I paid for my biscuits, and considered it a write off. That’s life I suppose.

On Tuesday night, suffering from a back pain problem, I went for a stroll around the area surrounding the hotel, and stopped in the very same Cost-Co to grab a drink. When I went to the counter to pay, the gent behind the counter exclaimed – “you, in the hat, I recognise you, wait here.” Because, y’know, I was wearing a great hat.


Moments later the clerk returned – and lo & behold – handed me back the tenner I had dropped in his shop the night before. I was dumb-founded, and thanked the guy profusely, genuinely surprised to get the £10 back that I had assumed was going have been lost to the sands of time.

My faith in mankind was reaffirmed. What a guy that cashier was – absolute respect.

anyway – see you back here soon…


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