Who are you? What do you like? Why did you read my blog?

I started this blog at a time in my life when I needed something occupational & stimulating to keep me going (long time readers will know I spend a period of time unemployed following a lay off) and the purpose was to write about what I was watching – I always fancied a bit of writing and thought I’d try my hand at putting to page my thoughts and reviews of all this stuff I was watching. Being unemployed I was especially finding the time to fit in all of the movies and TV shows that were of interest to me.

But, I wasn’t writing enough. I struggled to write about everything I was watching. Sometimes I had nothing to say. And the internet is so saturated with opinion in this area that I was but a drop in the ocean. My voice was drowned out and, you know what, I’m not sure my reviews were all that good – or not certainly saying anything that everyone else wasn’t already saying. Asides from some interested friends & family, and a small community of bloggers who took me in & read each other’s work, my stats were showing me that I was averaging 5 – 15 page views a day, which is nothing really when you compare it to the numbers some of my fellow bloggers get.

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Anyway – as my life circumstances began to change my attitude to blogging changed. I secured a new job, and my family grew, so I started to look at the world quite a bit differently. So I changed the direction & tone of my blog. I started my “Friday 15s” and wrote more about my life, and completely moved away from writing movie & TV reviews.

The thing is, despite this change, I am still averaging 5 – 15 page views a day. There is no discernible increase or decrease following the change of tone to my blog.

I don’t actually have an issue with the numbers – it was never about becoming a superstar blogger – it’s the lack of depth in the reporting and the absence of feedback that is on my mind. I can’t interpret the data to understand who’s reading my blog, and why. I don’t know what’s liked; I don’t know whether people are finding the anecdotes humourous, or the reviews useful, or even why they are reading my stuff in the first place. My ‘Like’ button gets pressed a little bit; there are small instances of comments, but not in a comparable volume to the number of readers.

I read a number of other people’s blogs and see that they illicit large volumes of comments & ‘likes’ on their post and I’m feeling a bit green-eyed about it – I want to understand how to illicit response & feedback from the people who do visit my blog and read a page.

So – fellow bloggers – help me out a bit. I suppose I’m a bit frustrated about the invisible nature of my readers and their silence – my readership is a black void I know nothing about. What is it that you do to get feedback in? Are there better ways of reporting or interpreting the data that can help me out? What can I do to illicit more comments that tell if what I’m doing is working?

Answers on a postcard please…




7 responses to “Who are you? What do you like? Why did you read my blog?

  1. About to make dinner but will get back to you on this later tonight! (Seriously – I will. But later will probably be late!) 🙂

  2. I said it would be late tonight. 😉

    I feel silly giving any sort of advice or whatever as I haven’t even been doing this a year & I don’t get anywhere near the number of views that some seem to! So I’ll tell you the things I’ve noticed when it comes to blog views.

    The WordPress stats don’t help me much. “Search Engine Terms” is the most interesting but only shows you what people outside WordPress are searching for (right?) & I care more about WordPress users looking at my site. But it does give an idea of what people search for most (my list of top shower scenes in movies gets at least one hit every single day without fail – never underestimate the pervs!).

    I got the number of views you do each day but they finally went way up, I think, when I a) started actually using tags and b) commented on other blogs A LOT. Maybe you do both of these – I don’t know. Oh! And c) linked my blog to a Twitter account. I’ve just started following you now. Ha! You followed back. 😉 Honestly – retweet the crap out of fellow WordPress bloggers’ posts – they love that and they’ll really start noticing you. This is getting long so I’m going to post this then add some more. Sorry – I don’t want to ramble on too much on someone else’s blog! 🙂

  3. As for why I read your blog, I probably started back when you were doing reviews more as that’s what I mainly focus on so I mostly follow similar blogs. I think you may have commented on a post of mine so that’s when I’ll have checked out your blog. Do you have an About Me page? That’s the first thing I look at when looking at a blog for the first time as I want to know the sort of thing they blog about before I decide to follow them.

    As your focus has changed, have you started checking out & commenting on more parenting blogs? It does seem to be a popular topic.

    I keep reading your blog now because your stories are funny. (I especially liked the one about your daughter pooping with you). So I do follow blogs that aren’t just movie review blogs if I find them interesting enough. 🙂

  4. Oh – and weekends are DEAD. Which really sucks as it’s when I actually have some free time to blog. But my weekend posts get the least views. You do a Friday post, right? I’m not sure if that’s the best time unless you’re posting it in the morning? I don’t know the best times yet (wish I did!) but Monday through Thursday daytime & early evening seem okay.

    I’m sorry. I’m rambling. I just find it all fascinating as some bloggers are getting hundreds of views & comments every day & I haven’t quite figured out how. More than anything: Comment Comment Comment on other blogs. And follow. Sometimes I hate it, to be honest, as it can feel like a full time job. :-/ I spend my weekends trying to catch up on reading & commenting on the main blogs I follow (50 or so). Also, post something once or twice a week at the very least but you seem to anyway – I’ve stopped following people who hardly ever post anything. I’m done. I’ll shut up now. You’re doing nothing wrong as far as your content is concerned – that’s all good! 🙂

    • Hey, no worries, there’s plenty of room. And thanks for the pointers – I’ll look at some of them. There are a few things you suggest I would never have thought of. I’m definitely hoping to try a few out.

      A question – if Tweet someone else’s blog how would they know it was me? I had a link to one of my posts shared on Facebook once and I got a massive spike (no bloody comments though) but had no idea who shared it.

      I follow and read a lot of blogs but don’t comment so much. I throw a lot of ‘likes’ around but try only to comment when I’ve got something to say. That’s got me into tricky spots too as a few people have misinterpreted feedback & debate as something else. It seems WordPress can be just comments of mutual appreciation rather than dialogue and that is something I’ll have to try harder at I suppose. I can definitely see how it could feel like a second job.

      Thanks for the content feedback too – that’s the real key for me. If even just a handful of people appreciate it (other than my Mum – she reads every week!) then it feels more satisfying & worthwhile; and if there was something they’d like content wise then I’d do it!

      • I’m happy to give the feedback & still hope you don’t think I was going crazy with advice there! Lol! As for sharing on Twitter, I actually find it easier & quicker to look the blogger up on Twitter & retweet from there. They’ll get the notification for sure then. I occasionally don’t get a notice on Twitter when someone has clicked the Twitter share button right on my blog – not sure why. It should still give the person a notification on Twitter most of the time, though. As for Facebook, I’ve had some things of mine shared there but have no idea who shared them as I don’t have my blog linked to Facebook…

        And I’m always up for friendly debate! 🙂 you’re right, though – some people just want people to agree with them all the time!

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