Disney made my Daughter Cry Today

Mini Ms Six was made to cry today at Manchester Spinningfields’ Family Film Club showing of Cinderella today because they refused her a balloon animal.


Apparently – if you watch the film instead of queuing with your back to the screen and wait for the credits to go for a balloon animal then you are too late and get turned away.

They are still quite happy to hand you bundles of marketing material for the upcoming ‘Disney on Ice’ instead though.

There was no way anybody was leaving without knowing the when & where of Disney on Ice, and how to buy tickets!

There was no way anybody was leaving without knowing the when & where of Disney on Ice, and how to buy tickets!

I estimate that another 30-40 mins alone would have covered all the remaining interested children (that’s right – they turned a number of kids away). But the staff were eager to get packed up and clocked off apparently: it was lunchtime after all.As the film concluded, after I returned from the disappointment of the balloon animal the Current Mrs Six & I started to get packed up –  we had been stood for no more than a few moments when some yellow t-shirted teenagers was upon me, hustling & bustling around us to fold up the chairs we were using and pack them away. The attitude of it all was just soooooo wrong.

Mini Ms Six was very upset and cried for quite some time. It seems that Disney’s attitude is very different when no money actually changes hands; pack us in, get us marketed to for as little time & cost as possible, and get us out again. Don’t worry – you get the real service at the main Disney on Ice, when you’ve paid for a ticket – my daughter’s love and the hundreds of pounds I’ve ploughed into your product over the years just simply doesn’t appear to be enough to warrant a free balloon animal from you.

Shame on you Disney, and shame on you Spinningfields.

Oh, to top it off, I left a critical comment on both the Disney on Ice and Spinningfields Facebook pages and, mysteriously, both posts have disappeared no more than 20 minutes later.

How could that have happened?



One response to “Disney made my Daughter Cry Today

  1. Typical! Probably more the fault of the teenagers who MUST rush home to… Text? Or update their Facebook status. Or… Just stand around taking pictures of themselves? Whatever the hell teenagers do these days…

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