Friday 9th August…

Another week of paternity passes and another week of getting pooped on, peed on and puked on. I’d forgotten simply how much produce a little baby can make and Mini Mr Six seems to be a pretty high performing factory with an ungodly amount of bodily functions making stuff come out of him – usually at the most inopportune time, like when we’ve got his nappy off changing the last output.

The Current Mrs Six & I are certainly taking a learning journey as we start to see some of the differences between boys & girls. The jokes about a little boy’s equipment and their fountain-like tendencies are all absolutely true in our experience – Mini Mr Six seems to have the water pressure of a high powered fire hose and I am certain has almost pissed so high I swear it may have touched the ceiling. Ever seen the Jet D’Eau in Geneva?

Jet D'Eau Geneva

Little Miss Six continues to adjust to the new way of life with a little brother. It’s been like a second Christmas for her as every visitor (you get lots of these when you have a baby), conscious not to make her feel overshadowed, have provided gifts for her as well as him. She has firmly capitalised upon all of these visitors – hijacking them before they can get their baby cuddles in with Mini Mr Six to impress them with her Princess dancing skills and games of doctors & nurses. Nobody deserves a medal more than Aunty Nat, who’s been run ragged and learnt the hard way that toddlers have an unbelievable stamina for playing the same game over… and over… and over… and over… and over… and over…

It’s definitely been an odd week in terms of luck. I started the week with the arrival of a set of Bluetooth Stereo Speakers I won in a magazine competition, but it went downhill from there and I was hit with a trio of misfortunes; I can confirm from experience that bad luck does, in fact, come in threes.

My misfortunes were;

  1. Customs charge for some t-shirts I ordered from overseas;
  2. Locked out of my work laptop while having an urgent need to sort my company expenses;
  3. The complete loss of all my content from iTunes

On their own they probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but all three arrived on the very same day. The IT issues drove me mad indeed – I am far from the most IT literate person ever and have everything set up to be as comprehensive and easy as possible – so I get immensely aggravated when technology doesn’t simply do what it is supposed to do. I’m generally a chilled out guy but the Current Mrs Six will tell you that when it comes to technology breaking down she fears for the life of the object (Many a laptop and mobile phone has been millimeters away from a Keith Moon-ian ejection from a second floor window when it has failed to work as it is supposed to) and the condition of the house when I’ve finished my rampage. I will rant and rave at the manufacturer of said malfunctioning piece of technology as if the CEO himself were sat in my living room receiving my “what for”.

Keith Moon

Speaking of giving a company “what for” – the customs charge was simply daylight robbery. Actually; it was a hostage situation. My t-shirts were, in effect, ransomed for currency. It’s not the tax that bothered me so much (it wasn’t too much and kept things at a price I was willing to pay) it was the “customs handling charge” the courier pulled out of the bag. I felt like I was trying to move my t-shirts into Somalia as I paid the “customs handling fee” like a bribe to get them to release my t-shirts. Not the sort of practice I would envisage from a “reputable” company like DHL – but it seems I am wrong, it seems that greedy & corrupt practice is rife everywhere.

So – onward and upward – here’s hoping for a better week next week, which will include my return to work after paternity and the legendary date that is my birthday.

See you on the other side…


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