Friday 2nd August…

The things you don’t realise when you have your second child.

Leaving the house the yesterday to go to the local soft-play area I wasn’t sure if we were going out for a few hours or actually moving in indefinitely – I was burdened with such an unholy amount of baggage I thought we were taking up permanent residence at the soft-play area. (I’ve spied a great little spot under the slide for my bed) It’s remarkable what you need to cart around with you for a one week old and a 2 year old (who’s potty training might I add) to prepare for all of the potential chaos that may surround them. Every time I leave the house I’m like a pack donkey.

And, holy shit, the challenge we face when we run out of milk. A “quick” trip to the shop turns into a military manoeuvre, with tactical plans, maps and inventive code names like “operation white brew” and “project breakfast cereal”. Go on your own and you have to cart both the kids around with you. Little Miss Six has become a shopaholic and has mastered the phrase “I neeeeeed it” while fluttering her eyelids over her big blue eyes. Suffice to say; Daddy is a softy, and we often come back with trolleys full of books, comics, soft toys, jigsaws, and sweeties.

Talking of Little Miss Six; the novelty of a baby brother has worn off very quickly for her. She proclaimed out aloud the other day; “babies are boring”. She is soooo desperate for him to play but has soon discovered that babies are strictly an eat, sleep, poop, repeat kind of deal. Not particularly interactive.

Photo 02-08-2013 10 08 34

The current Mrs Six is on the road to recovery nicely following her 6 day stint in hospital and is returning swiftly to her standard setting of “nag”. While it is indeed nice to have her and Mini Mr Six back home where they belong there was a silver lining in that I had a bed to myself and a quiet bedroom for an extra couple of nights. 😉

His disposition is the complete opposite of his elder sister’s – he’s a far more chilled out baby than we experienced the first time around. It’s wonderful and we’re thankful. Not to rub it in to all the other new parents out there but we’ve actually found some decent sleep going on in the night with Mini Mr Six. This, of course, will not be the case this evening as I have clearly jinxed it by typing the previous sentence.

See you on the other side.



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