Is there any new music?

Sometimes, when I listen to music, I can’t help but notice “similarities” with other songs. There are times where it’s just sort of there in the background. Others, like this pair, just seem to leap out at me and slap me in the face.

Check this new tune out;

Now this, listening carefully to the rhythm guitar chords through the song;

Here’s another tune I’ve been listening to lately – again, focus on the riff;

Now listen to this classic;

Can you hear it too?


5 responses to “Is there any new music?

  1. I rarely hear a new song that doesn’t remind me of an old one. Because nothing is original anymore! *Waving cane. Ranting like an old lady.*. 😉

      • Ha! True. And I hate working with young people who mention some song (or movie these days as well) and ask if I like it and I’m like “I like the ORIGINAL”. (I’m old & grumpy today) 😉

      • Only so many stories to tell and only so many notes to play – it might just be we’ve reached the saturation point…

        …or we’re just old & grumpy.

        I’m pretty down wif da kidz though – my Mama does the hump and I shuffle. I’m so street I’ve got lamp posts on my back!

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