What’s happened in “Castle”? ***Spoilerful***

Have any of you guys been watching the latest season of Castle?

Continuing on my mission to get caught up on the shows sitting unwatched on my Sky+ planner I get myself up to date with the current season of Castle that’s on the Alibi channel currently.

Honestly; it’s not an amazing show, but it’s always been a bit of a lightweight, guilty pleasure in our house. It’s just a bit predictable, but we’re big fans of Nathan Fillion and my Wife likes a crime procedural so it passes muster; and has enough quirky comedy and warm characters to keep us coming back time & time again.


I have had a few WTF!?! moments of displeasure with the most recent episodes that’s aired and it’s now at risk of getting bumped down the watch list though.

Firstly, it was great to see a Gina Torres cameo in a recent episode, especially as our love of Nathan Fillion stems from the almighty Firefly. However, the part she had was dreadful and, more importantly, there was no sign of any cool referential meta-jokes, barely even a scene with them both on camera at the same time. How could you have Mal & Zoe in the same show and not take an opportunity to give us Browncoats a nod? Very disappointed.

Zoe & Mal Reddit

The show has also been completely ruined by one of the most ridiculous plot twists I have ever watched in my entire life as a telly addict. I can suspend my disbelief as well as the next guy, and can be pretty forgiving sometimes, but the conclusion of the 2 part story over episodes 15 & 16 was just ridiculous.

What happened? I hear you ask. Well, the first episode of the 2 part story begins strong with Alexa, and a friend, being kidnapped by an unknown gang for unknown reasons. Everything about it was great, immersive telly – Fillion was at his best playing the part of the distressed Father to perfection, and the cliff-hanger ending when we realise Alexa is being held in Paris over 3000 miles away made me instantly reach for the remote to start the second part and see what happens.

It was the second part where it all went to shit. It turns out that Castle’s long lost father is, in fact, an international superspy and Alexa has been kidnapped to draw him out of the woodwork. He’s been watching Castle and his Granddaughter from a far all his life but couldn’t reach out because of his super-secret spy job. He’s been giving them a gentle helping hand from afar whenever he could but had no choice but to stay in the shadows. Using his amazing super-spy skills, he orchestrates an amazing rescue for Alexa and then disappears once again, sending just a secret signal to Castle to let him know that he survived the escape.

Castle & his Dad

Utterly lazy, out of the blue, unoriginal and completely unnecessary. The 2 parter went from being a tense, dramatic piece of narrative to something that was so silly I was horrified by what I was watching. It was daft. I felt like the writers had just run out of ideas so whipped up 20 minutes of script full of fanciful nonsense. It felt wrong. It jarred with the whole tone of the two-parter up to that point. While I acknowledge that Castle likes to be a bit silly sometimes it’s never been this absurd. The whole plot twist seemed bizarre to me and not in the spirit of the show at all.

So, I was a bit confused and disappointed with the last couple of episodes. Did anyone else see them? What were your thoughts?




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