Marvel: War of Heroes

I have lately become utterly addicted to a random online app game called Marvel: War of Heroes.

I saw it briefly on the App Store and downloaded it on a whim a few weeks ago and since that point I’ve been checking in with it on my ios devices every free minute I have. I can’t stop playing it, which is odd, because I’m not convinced there is any actual strategy or skill involved in playing the game at all – to use a bit of gamer slang for a minute; it’s a game for acquisitive ‘farmers’.

Marvel War of Heroes

I don’t know what you call this type of game, but at it’s core the game is a card game. I do know there’s quite a few smartphone/tablet games around that are built around a similar model. In this game specifically; the player collects character cards to complete missions, battle other players and defend against other player’s assaults. The player can take a limited number of actions at any given time depending on how much Energy and Power one possesses in a meter – each respectively influencing missions or combat. As the player succeeds at missions and combat he/she will win new cards, increases in available energy & power limits, and means to “boost” cards strengths.

Themed events are held at intervals that offer the chance to rank for powerful new cards. These events follow the same model as standard missions and combat to most intents & purposes; using meters to determine how many actions can be taken at any one time.

You can, of course, make in-app purchases to buy new cards or get energy/power packs to instantly refill your meters. It’s not really necessary to play the game – I’ve played it with no additional purchases made, but I’ve also no doubt that the players winning the really powerful cards must be ploughing lots of cash into the app to succeed in any real terms towards getting the top ranks, and therefore the top cards.

Marvel War of Heroes Promo

I keep going back though – time & time again – I can’t leave it alone. I still find it satisfying even without spending buckets of cash on it. What it appeals to is the collector in me; my acquisitive nature drives me to keep playing and playing to gather more, new cards. I like superheroes and I’ve always liked collecting cards, even, it appears, when it’s electronic cards. So every odd minute I get I open the app and farm a bit more each time, taking yet another step to levelling up and collecting another card for my deck. It’s odd, because really the game is particularly repetitive and should be boing, but that hunger to acquire just pushes me on further & further.

If you fancy a go then I know it’s definitely on the iTunes App Store and I’d be very suprised if it wasn’t on the Android store (and others.) If you do give it a try then I’d love it if you used my referral code: UPE234488 – it’ll give you a nice little starter card and will give me a tidy little referral bonus. If you’re a hoarding collector who loves farming XP and gathering cards then this will be right up your street.


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