A Game of Thrones -The Final Scene of ‘The Rains of Castamere’



Kind of writing a blog post here where I’m not sure what to say…

My jaw is still on the floor.

I guess that’s what I get for complaining that I didn’t think there was much momentum to the season so far (here). Finally, in the penultimate episode ‘The Rains of Castamere’, the show went crazy and momentum’d the shit out of things.

GoT Title Sequence

It’s no wonder people who have read the books were all smug when I was moaning about the show feeling slow this year – they knew that the scene I have just watched was just around the corner and I’d be eating my words.

And what a brutal, heinous scene it was. Just horrifying. The starting moments of the massacre when Jeyne Westerling is savagely stabbed as Robb Stark watched on startled me to my core and turned my stomach. Not just a stabbing, but a stabbing in that area of her body. The cruel and ruthless nature of it was truly horrifying. I was motionless with shock.

With Arya just outside too – moments away from being finally reunited with her Mother and eldest brother. After episode upon episode of watching Arya trudge through Westeros towards the safety of her family and all she is left with now is more heartbreak and some new names to be added to her list.

Catatonic Caitlyn

The death of Caitlin Stark was stunning too. It was filmed to perfection – the few beats of Catelyn standing resigned and defeated, almost catatonic after witnessing Robb’s death, followed by the silence over the credits was outstandingly made television. It perfectly fit with my stunned silence with my mouth agape. The big finish was so astonishing and huuuuuuuge that it is going to stay with me for a long time. Yet another reminder of how Westeros is such a barbaric and frightful place.

Did you catch it too? Were you as stunned as I?



4 responses to “A Game of Thrones -The Final Scene of ‘The Rains of Castamere’

  1. Just last week I was griping to my wife that this season didn’t do much for me and then BAM!!!! This episode kicked me in the sack and I don’t know if I’ve recovered yet… who is left to cheer for?? Bran?? UGH. The trailer for the finale made it look like Snow is going get it in the season finale….at this point, there’s no one left…

    • Not having read the books I’m uncertain where this can go too. It feels like it’s all on Danearys now, it’s certainly not Stannis I’m rooting for.

      I have a theory kind of brewing as to how this will roll:

      Bran & Arya reunite and become crazy hard ass avenging angels, who will eventually ally with Tyrion (through Sansa) and Jaime (through keeping his promise to Brienne) who will betray their family. This will take ages to happen as they’ve got to go on their journey to hardass status first. They’ll kill everyone involved and then hand the throne to Dany.

      That’s my prediction…

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