Is Revolution going to be the new Lost?

So, I am now 4 episodes into the new JJ Abrams show “Revolution” and I can smell a repeat of ‘Lost’ all over it.

Everything about it is indicating a potential future disappointment that makes me reeeeeeeaaallly want to drop out now.

Revolution Promo

I have to admit – the way ‘Person of Interest’ has clicked with me, and the involvement of Eric Kripke (Loved early ‘Supernatural’), I looked past my usual policy of avoidance of Abrams produced work and dived in to give the show a try.

It’s definitely my gut speaking to me here when I say I want to drop out and stop watching. I don’t think the show is all that bad on the surface; mediocre, but OK I suppose. It’s the little things about it that tells my gut instinct it’s not right for me. Something just doesn’t feel right about it at all.

It’s not the premise. It’s ridiculous but I can suspend my disbelief and go with it. The show isn’t try to sell itself on any sense of realism so I’m willing to let that go; I only get aggrieved when I perceive daftness that betrays a tone of realism a piece of work has pitched itself with (Like in ‘The Hurt Locker’ for example). There’s no denying it’s a bit of a silly “what if?” scenario but that’s OK with me.

I think it may be the structure & style of it all that is giving me pause for doubt. It’s got all of the ingredients of ‘Lost’ that pulled me in and then left me completely unsatisfied by the end. Take the flashbacks for example – I don’t have any faith in these little flashbacks we’re being drip-fed; ‘Lost’ gave us loads of flashbacks that were supposedly insights into the characters that turned out to be red herrings and misdirection, and I can’t help feel that the same trick is being pulled here in ‘Revolution’.

Mysterious USB Pendant

There’s also the larger, over-arching mystery that has been alluded to. I’m already very, very worried about the implications of the larger mystery and how it may unfold.  There’s definitely a bit of “Corporate Conspiracy” about it all that looks & feels a bit Dharma Initiative. It’s definitely being implied that there is a network of individuals who are “in the know” about ‘The Blackout’ – some we’ve even seen with working technology. I can’t but help fear that this conspiracy has the potential to turn into some ridiculous, unexplained mystical thing like the island or Rimbaldi; and even the slightest possibility that it might turn out that way turns me off altogether.

It’s not helped all that much by the fact that I don’t think the writing, directing and performances have been all that good so far. There’s definitely been a bit of hamming going on in the main cast. Even Giancarlo Esposito, who I loved in Breaking Bad and was one of the other major draws to the show for me, seems to be playing his part as a villainous caricature. One of the central protagonists, Charlie Matheson, is pretty annoying and her Uncle, Miles Matheson, couldn’t be more stereo-typically 2-D if they tried. A lot of what has unfolded so far

Giancarlo Esposito Promo

I’ll probably give it a few more episodes. It’s pretty mediocre but it might make good telly to keep for a rainy day on the Sky+ for a bit.  There’s a lot worse around and the sword-fighty action is pretty entertaining. Maybe it’ll keep a good pace and the mystery will unfold in a reasonable manner and not turn into something as frustrating as Lost did.

Have any of you guys been watching? What are your thoughts?


8 responses to “Is Revolution going to be the new Lost?

  1. I feel pretty much exactly the same way about this show. I’ve only managed to watch the first two episodes so far but, yes, I can see it going the same way as Lost. Except that, at the beginning, Lost was amazing. I think people forget that as the last couple seasons were such a disappointment and then the ending let us all down soooo badly. But I LOVED Lost for the first few seasons and couldn’t wait to watch it every week. I watch hardly any TV shows & that was the first one in years that I was really excited about. But Revolution feels like a very bad rip-off of Lost with far less interesting characters, worse acting, and a potentially very weak storyline (knowing Abrams we’ll get lots & lots of unanswered questions each week! Great!). Remember the first episode of Lost?! It was awesome. Revolution didn’t even come close to pulling me in the way that Lost did from the very first shot of Jack’s eye opening. I think I’m only watching it because I have no more Walking Dead to watch at the moment…

    • Funnily enough; just the other day I saw a clip of the plane crash scene where Jack is dashing around trying to do his Doctor thing. It did make me think about how great Lost was when it started.

      Shame really…

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with Revolution – I think I probably am watching because there’s nothing else.

  2. Got to agree with you, but I only got as far as episode 3. It just didn’t offer enough to distinguish it enough from other recent shows like The Walking Dead and Falling Skies. It’s different subject matter of course, but the themes and tropes are too similar.

    • I’ve fallen waaaaaay behind on Walking Dead, but I’m all up to speed with Falling Skies.

      I’m not so troubled by repeat tropes as long as something is done well or has a bit of angle/fresh look at things.

    • I’ve stopped watching it completely. I’ve got a friend at work who tells me it’s got better in season 2 but I’ve not revisited it. The evidence I’ve seen in episodes I did see lead me to joy believe him!

      Thanks for reading!

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