Should I Censor The Ultimate Playlist?

In the large majority of times The Ultimate Playlist is listened to by just me through headphones or in the car. However, some recent airings of the playlist in the car (while on a long road-trip to visit family) and through the docking station at home has given me pause for thought about the playlist and a possible course of action I may need to take. I’ve been mulling it over for the last few days.

Last Sunday afternoon I was sat at home with the playlist playing in the background while my Mother-in-Law was visiting and my daughter was playing around, as she often does, with some toys on the living room floor. We were all laughing and enjoying each other’s company, giggling at some of the innocent tomfoolery  from my Daughter as she played, when I became suddenly very aware of the following in the background;

Pretty inappropriate stuff for the infant ears of my little angel and the sensitive disposition of my Mother-in-Law.

So I got to thinking; this wasn’t the only example of a song on the Playlist with bad language that would be improper being played out in the presence of cherubic little one (soon to be ‘Ones’ plural – we are expecting number Two!). I started to consider the content of the list for other contenders for bad language such as this – If I am to continue using the Ultimate Playlist when she’s around, should I cut these tunes from the list?

There are a couple of problems here that have occurred to me over the last few days as I mulled this over. Firstly – the tunes under consideration of the chop are on the list because I consider them good tunes. The intent of the playlist is to be a collection of tunes that I love and engage with through my lifetime and, regardless of the language, they are tunes I love. With the larger majority of Ultimate Playlist time happening when I am on my own would I be removing songs I’d miss?

Parental Advisory Logo

Also – I’ve always been kind of against censorship of this nature (swearing is just words and we should devalue their power by being less sensitive about them) – but there is an odd thing happening where Fatherhood seems to have shifted my position on it and I’m now considering chopping them out.  So – it may be the case that I would miss these tunes but it seems to me that sometimes part of being a good Father is making sacrifices for their good and putting someone else before you.

I’ve also been considering this; it’s not like these songs are the height of the quality on the Playlist. One or two are guilty pleasures really that could easily be viewed as the less good stuff in the shuffle mix. On the other hand though; I’ve put them on the list nonetheless and they have not been removed due to rule number One (3 skips and you’re out) so I must like them, and I decided with rule number Three that I should give in to my guilty pleasures.

I could make two playlists – one for personal use and one, cleaner, more child friendly that’s for use at home or in the car with the family or when we have company. I’ve certainly made specialised playlists for the purposes of summer BBQs and birthday parties. It’ll be time-consuming; but, as I said, sacrifice is sometimes needed in these circumstances. It’s just a pain with the devices etc available for use. (More specifically – the memory space on the devices.)

However; it’s not like my playlist gets much airtime when the little one (otherwise known as “her ladyship”) is about. She is definitely higher in the pecking order than me when it comes to daytime activities, music choices and television viewing options. I swear I might lose my mind if I hear “Wheels on the Bus”, “Jingle Jangle Scarecrow” or “Polly had a Dolly” one more time. Doing a second playlist could be a load of rigmarole for nothing – maybe I should just leave things as they are and just keep the Docking Station remote handy for a track skip for the rare occasion it is played in the presence of her ladyship instead of Nursery Rhymes.

What I do know is that I’ve not done anything about it yet. I’ll make a decision soon enough, but until then, here are some example potty-mouthed tunes currently sitting on the list…

Misirilou – Dick Dale (from Pulp Fiction soundtrack)

Chasey Laine – The Bloodhound Gang

Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Cult Status – The 1990s

Gold Digger – Kanye West

Without Me – Eminem

I Get Along – The Libertines

Down on Marie – Little Man Tate

Break Stuff – Limp BizKit

Smack my Bitch Up – The Prodigy

Killing in the Name Of – Rage Against the Machine

Born Slippy – Underworld



One response to “Should I Censor The Ultimate Playlist?

  1. Don’t change a thing – leave the naughty stuff on there! Especially Rage Against The Machine. 😉 Okay – maybe one specific kid-friendly playlist is a good idea… Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to hit skip! (On the ones that don’t start swearing immediately – all my naughty ones seem to build up to the naughty language later in the song). I mean, Down With The Sickness waits until almost the end of the song to go completely mental. 🙂

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