Train Travel Musings

Today’s train travel musings (Yes, it’s day three at the other office today) is about train travel itself.

What i’d like to know is; who plans out the rail network resources?

Besides encountering delays on every train journey this week (no ones fault – disruptive snow) I encountered the following tonight on my journey home:

18.11 peak train from Sheffield to Stockport, rammed to the brim with commuters = two carriages…

19.43 off-peak train from Stockport to Manchester, occupied by me, a few other straggling business-people, and a couple of Scallies = 4 carriages

This isn’t the only time recently I’ve encountered this patent mis-allocation of resources on our rail network. A recent change in my role at work has had me travelling quite a bit by rail to Leeds, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and Sheffield and I have observed the same under-resourced insanity on services travelling to all of these cities. One Newcastle commute back to Manchester was sheer chaos where I saw many travellers stand huddled in the seatless doorway sections for over two and a half hours to Manchester (and possibly beyond).

If it’s such an undeniably obvious issue why does it persist? God only knows. If it’s so evident to me then surely it’s evident to someone in Northern Rail, East Midlands Trains, and First Transpennine Express?




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