The Ultimate Playlist is Bugg-ing Out

I’ve been on a nasty stretch of night shifts at work lately, which , asides from disrupting the family life, also disrupts the blogging life somewhat also. I’ve been spending whatever free time I get with my little one and growing my Movember tash ( – donations are welcome) so writing has taken a back seat, however, I’ve found myself with a few mins so here I am to tell you of a couple of tunes added to The Ultimate Playlist by new kid on the scene: Jake Bugg.

The self titled album has largely received positive reviews but, truth be told; I have been finding much of the album a bit boring. It’s not a bad album; it’s just that when compared to other retro-indie style singer/songwriters of that same vestigial vein (such as Miles Kane, or Eugene McGuiness) Bugg comes across less musically accomplished. The reviews seem pretentious and over-blown to me as the album didn’t meet the expectations the reviewers set when I started listening too it.

That said; there are a couple of little gems on there that I’ve chosen to carry with me on The Ultimate Playlist; ‘Two Fingers’, ‘Taste it’ and ‘Lightening Bolt’.

There’s nothing much new here, in fact, I’m quite certain the reminiscent sound of these tracks of tunes gone by I love are what makes me like them so much. Also, interestingly, these are some of the more dynamic and energetic tracks on the album and the more bare acoustic stuff has made less of an impact on me. I described them to my wife as a “jaunty trio” that grab my interest from the album. I like the raw simplicity of these tunes – just good slabs of folksy rock n’ roll that wear their influences on their sleeve.

These three tunes have been especially infectious and I have found myself singing them over and over after a listen on my commute. They really worm their way into my mind and becomes unshakeable for the day.

Certainly enough for inclusion in The Ultimate Playlist. Check them out.


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