An open letter to Disney RE: Lucasfilm

Dear Disney,

Today you have an opportunity. An opportunity to make dreams come true and mend broken hearts.

The opportunity I speak of is, of course, the announced purchase of Lucasfilm today and your intention to make a Star Wars episode VII.

I know you’re up to the task; your organisation is truly one of the most dynamic and creative entertainers in modern history and your track record and pedigree of product speaks for itself. I have loved your output since being a young child and have continued to enjoy your work into adulthood. I am especially finding a great deal of pleasure in the pleasure you bring my daughter as you entertain and educate her through your wonderful programming and movies. I am personally a big fan of Jake & the Neverland Pirates; Sharkey & Bone’s outros are a particular guilty pleasure for me.

You would have to be pretty disconnected and out-of-touch not to know that us hardcore fans were not happy about Episodes 1-3. REALLY not happy. A short while ago it saddened me greatly to realise that The Phantom Menace was possibly my favourite of the new trilogy; which should about say it all about my disappointment. The original trilogy had such a profound impact on me and the new films were a significant disappointment. No matter what Lucas says about it regarding his vision and his name on the work and all that jazz, it’s ultimately all about supply and demand and George-y boy didn’t succeed in supplying what I demanded.

The bottom line is: Star Wars will be profitable and make you money. I’m the guy with disposable income who will give you that money. You know investing in it financially is a good move. But here I am imploring you to invest in it creatively. Invest in it creatively and mend my broken heart. Star Wars isn’t just some nerdy film series I love – it’s a passion for me, a way of life for me, it’s part of my being and influenced the way I see the world – you are now responsible to me and millions like me. Please take care of Star Wars like you take care of your more critically successful other creative franchises/brands that I love so much – trust me; the money will come. We can have our pie and eat it. Pixar and Marvel prove you can make an intelligent well crafted film that’s a profitable blockbuster.

Choose your talent carefully. There’s some great people hanging around your way at the moment and I’m trusting you to use them well. Perhaps Joss Whedon could have a look at the script or even direct; he’s not busy, is he? You’ve got relationships with some great filmmakers; please use them well and make something that, in the first instance, is dramatically significant before making something FX laden to sell toys. Tell a good story and use some creative talent who will unclutter the screen and use the technology to enhance a powerful, engaging and convincing piece of storytelling. Just do it right.

Please don’t let me, or the millions like me, down. Mend our broken hearts.


True Mister Six


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