Red Dwarf X – Fathers and Suns

Sadly, going for the immediate impression again, I wasn’t as pleased with this week’s episode of Red Dwarf X; ‘Fathers & Suns’.

I think, without dissecting it too much at this stage, I just didn’t find it as funny as last week’s episode.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not claiming that ‘Fathers & Suns’ wasn’t humourous at all; it had some of the funny. Simply put; I didn’t feel like I laughed as loud or as frequently when compared to my laughter and guffaws with ‘Trojan’. They were more like ‘chuckles’ or ‘giggles’ this time around. A good chunk of the primary Lister plot line was A grade stuff, but the Pree stuff was a bit lukewarm at times and dulled the impact of the cool Lister stuff. Also, the “Chinese Whispers” running joke did not compare to last week’s Moose joke in my opinion.

Despite me not laughing as loudly I definitely felt the tone and humour this week maintained the ‘classic Dwarf’ feel that I loved last week, although this may be because the Pree plot line felt a bit like history repeating itself (‘Queeg’) and the connection to ‘Ouroborous’ from season seven (which was not a strong season). Still, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I certainly enjoyed seeing the Red Dwarf model of Sci-Fi concepts opening up interesting ideas to mine humour from; such as Lister recording a video to himself as his own father or a computer with a predictive text function. And when all is said and done Pree wasn’t too Queeg-y(although it’s pretty hard not to draw a comparison).

She was no Holly either.The episode did nothing to help me with my Holly laments. Norman needs to forgive and come back.

I’m glad to see they’re largely sticking to lo-fi FX; I thought the dispensers and droids were quite charming. Who needs computer graphics when you’ve got cardboard, paint and a glue gun! When computer graphics was used it felt right and non-invasive; keeping the tone classic Dwarf. I’m still struggling a bit with the new look of the set, but I’m entirely unable to put my finger on what I don’t like about it so I will have to get over it and adjust.

So, I’m definitely feeling pretty ok; it’s not turned me off and I’ll be continuing to watch happily. The episode was a bit lop sided but far from a disaster. Reportedly the cast have said that next week’s episode is their favourite of the new season – so i’ll sit tight eagerly awaiting Thursday.


One response to “Red Dwarf X – Fathers and Suns

  1. Not as strong as last week’s but I’m still loving the classic Dwarf style. I wish they had explained Holly’s absence though.

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