Gangnam Style Deniers

This week I’ve been getting a bit of flack for playing ‘Gangnam Style’ in work for a bit of a laugh and as an energiser.

The response is usually somewhat like this; “oh no, you don’t like this do you? It’s rubbish!” (The language has, at times, been more colourful than that – I’ll let your imaginations do the work on that one)

I work in a building of over 600 people. The YouTube video alone has had over 400 million views and it is currently number one in the UK top 40 and has previously charted as number one on the iTunes music chart. Statistically someone at my work claiming to despise this song must, MUST be lying. They have to have watched the YouTube video or have downloaded the mp3.

It seems that it is cool to find Gangnam Style annoying. I don’t know why that would be. Psy is clearly well aware of what his song is; he knows this tune of his is not a ‘serious’ song and does not try to convince you otherwise. I’ve got respect for that. It has been written as a cheesy pop tune and given a dodgy dance because Psy is having a bit of silly fun and wants us all to have some silly fun. Why be so resistant to it or, as I think the case may be, pretend to resist and secretly enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I intend to put the song on The Ultimate Playlist. While its good for a laugh at the minute and I should acknowledge my Playlist rule No 3 (“give in to your guilty pleasures”) it will definitely fall foul of rule No 6 (“was it as great as the first time you remember?”) and not seem so entertaining or novel in six months time.

For now though; I just think people should be honest and admit it made them smile the first time they saw the video and acknowledge that it’s a good laugh. Why be a ‘Gangnam Style’ denier? Don’t be so rigid, pretending in public to be s musical elitist, just go with it in the spirit it was intended.

Go on, admit it, you smiled when you first saw it!


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