Breaking Bad – one life changing poo! ***Spoiler-y***

It was inevitable. We all knew it was going to come to this. Hank was eventually going to find his way to discovering that Walt was Heisenberg and here that day has come.

I’ve just reached the end of this current run of eight episodes of Season 5 and those final few minutes held one of the most significant toilet breaks ever committed to television. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived and now the ungodly, torturous wait for the final eight episodes ever of Breaking Bad is upon us.

Hank Schrader discovers the truth

It’s been an odd little season so far. In many respects all of the key events that took place were highly predictable and the show was seemingly lining up and ticking off all that needed to happen (and be gotten out of the way) to prep up for what can only be a gigantic climax. We’ve seen the inescapable conscious catching up with Skyler and Jesse, seen the rebuilding of the Meth Empire in the wake of Fring’s murder, we’ve watched the final stages of Walt’s transformation in Heisenberg complete with bloody consequences (including the betrayal of Mike), and the aforementioned realisation by Hank that W.W. is perhaps more than Walt Whitman and possibly another Walt closer to home.

Hank of course has got quite a dilemma on his hands. His drive and determination to close down the meth operation in Alberquerque is one thing, but the career damage and embarrassment of the revelation that, all this time, Heisenberg was his own brother-in-law is quite another thing entirely. It may be a better decision, in his new role of responsibility, to simply cover it up and avoid the destruction of his own life and career this would cause.

Walt is naturally in a financial position to pay him off if it comes to that. Walt’s moral atttude now would certainly entertain the idea. It may not be necessary; the last few minutes of ‘Gliding Over It’ suggested a passage of a few months; implying that Walt had retired from the Meth game and was true to his promise to Skyler, so Hank would find little going on if he were to begin surveilling Walt right now. He’d certainly need more evidence than a book in a toilet that could be explained away as a coincidental second hand bookstore purchase. And if it did come to that (Hank will inevitably find something) the question would be whether Hank would take a pay off.

In fact, he has already been the beneficiary of Walt’s ill gotten gains as the recipient of cash for his medical bills after the shooting. Walt’s close proximity to that event is sure to create fireworks too; perhaps ructions enough that Hank will stay on the straight track and take Walt in regardless of the damage it will do to him personally and professionally.

There is certainly the risk that Walt may entertain a more severe solution should Hank get too close. We’ve seen how the seductive grip the money and lifestyle has taken on Walt and the lengths to which he is now willing to go to protect it – the question is; would he go so far as to kill Hank?

Whether Walt does or not is to be seen, yet one thing appears certain to me; the show’s final word on morality and corruption will be played out by Hank’s story now; we’ve seen how far Walt will go for the money, but is humankind so irredeemable that even Hank, the moral centre of the show, can fall, or will he throw himself on the flames to do what’s right? We’ll see next summer…


2 responses to “Breaking Bad – one life changing poo! ***Spoiler-y***

  1. I see you’ve caught up on BrBa! I only started watching it recently, and I just finished Season 2 today. I’m gonna take a glance at your review one of these days when I get through the 3 seasons I have left.

  2. It’s quite a journey! Brace yourself and be careful to avoid my spoilers! It’s one of the most fascinating shows ever on television – why it isn’t televised in the UK is far beyond my comprehension.

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