More madness from DC Comics with Supes & Wondy romance

Seriously, what the hell on God’s green Earth is going at DC Comics at the moment!?!? I swear it feels like they are on some insane crusade to systematically destroy everything that made them my favourite publisher. There seems to be one key, overriding factor to all of their decisions now, and it’s certainly not about telling intelligent, captivating, thought-provoking stories that entertain us while exploring the human condition. No, it’s all about the dollar, and, I’m sad to say, it seems all the worse for it to me.

The latest piece of madness to hit the headlines (they love the headlines now at DC; the more controversial the better) is that in this week’s Justice League – issue 12 – Superman and Wonder Woman will be getting romantically involved.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, utterly ridiculous and yet more proof of DC taking complete leave of its creative senses. What narrative value does pairing these two power houses in such a way give us? It seems so predictable and tacky to me – it must only be about boosting sales than rightfully serving the characters and story.

It makes no sense at all . This current arc in Justice League has spent a significant amount of page time setting the scene with Wonder Wonder and Steve Trevor’s back story. They were involved, deeply in love, but Wonder Woman broke it off over fears regarding his safety. When she realises that his life may be in danger, she rushes to his rescue, clearly carrying strong feelings for him still, even turning on her team mates through frustration and fear. Clearly the obvious way to go with this set up is, in less than an issue, for her to get it on with Supes *Sarcasm*? Geoff Johns claims this is not a stunt and the new status quo for the DCnU with huge ramifications down the line. The only way it rings true is as a grief driven rebound thing; so perhaps the League really are too late to the Valley of Souls. This is the only way I can see it working that has any narrative depth or worth; especially as there’s been no indication or ground work done up to now to move things in this direction. Otherwise it can surely only be a crude and inelegant plot twist that will appeal to the most immature of readers.

What does this mean for Azarello’s Wonder Woman? It’s arguably the best of the new 52 but will be potentially overshadowed by these events in Justice League. Also; isn’t Justice League set at a chronologically earlier stage than the other 51 monthlies? If so; the Superman/Wonder Woman romance is conspicuously absent, not referenced at all.

In any other circumstance I’d give DC the benefit of the doubt, hope it’s handled well and reserve my judgement until I’d read the issue, but my confidence in them has been so unbelievably shaken since the dawn of the new 52 and the ruination of all I loved and held dear about my favourite publisher that I’m increasingly pessimistic about everything they do nowadays. I’ve felt like the quality of output has been so low from DC lately that there is no hope to be had anymore – the legacy of DC’s great characters and history have been so irrevocably damaged for me in just 12 short months that I can’t see any good about them at all anymore. Everything about it seems dominated by the suits now dictating what should fill the pages of these once great books.

DC Comics website reports that the last page will leave us shocked and have everyone talking about it so maybe I’ll be proven wrong and it will truly be an inventive and creative way for the story to go. Fingers crossed this is the case and I’m proven wrong…




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