Another Nomination…

Another prestigious award for the True Mister Six.

My man Mike over at Mike’s Film Talk has been kind enough to send me a nomination, and, while I don’t tend to engage with these chain awards, I get their purpose with regards to community building and creating a bit of fun so I’m here now to respond to Mike’s questions in his nominating post. Pus, Mike has been very good to me when I started out blogging and been a generous supporter (Thanks Mike!) of my stuff so the least I could is answer his questions in the spirit of the award.

Here are the rules of the award posts;

The Rules:

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves

2. Answer the eleven questions the person giving the award has set for you

3. Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to

4. Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post

5. Go to their page and tell them

6. No tag backs

So, here are eleven things about me…

1. My favourite TV show of all time is The West Wing, closely followed by Firefly

2. I once performed in a stage play at the London National Theatre

3. I am a qualified HR professional by trade with a passion for training and recruitment

4. I love The Beatles so much I named my daughter Penny after Penny Lane

5. I have shook hands with all of the core cast of Red Dwarf

6. My wife and I got married in Central Park, New York

7. I can cook only one meal well – Chilli

8. I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Salford

9. I’m obsessed with hats

10. I drive a Volkswagon

11. I’m going away for a long weekend to a cottage in the Lake District in September which is an annual tradition for me & my wife.

Now onto the eleven questions from my nominator…

1. What is your favourite genre in film?

Definitely YouTube cat videos…

2. If your fairy godmother popped in to grant a wish, what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to own and run a successful nerdy store that sold movie memorabilia, comic books and gaming stuff so I’d wish for that. 

3. You’ve just been told that a huge publishing house wants to publish your work, which book would you choose to present first?

I’ve been working on something about a young orphan boy who discovers he is a magician and goes off to magic school where he learns he is prophesied to defeat a powerful dark magician. He makes friends with some classmates; a goofy pal and an intelligent, spotty girl, and they have many adventures together as he learns more about the prophesy, his powers, and his evil arch nemesis.

 What do you think? Would it be popular? 😉

4. What has been your ‘finest’ moment? (or ‘worst’ moment if you haven’t had a finest moment yet)

he birth of my little girl.

5. If by law you could only ever have one pet, what would you choose?

Totally an Ewok.

6. What is your absolute favourite game? (it doesn’t have to be a console game)

Oh Wow – that’s a tough one. I’d probably have to say Super Mario World on the N64. I have great, warm, nostalgic memories of me & my roommates at uni, completely broke, playing this game for hours as a team. We’d take it in turns to earn the stars on a winner stays on method – if you died you had to pass the controller on.

It was a great time in my life and, even though both the roommates in question are many miles from me physically I still regard them as my closest friends and miss them dearly.

7. What book, film, or television show first made you cry?

First? Hmmmmmm not sure. I’ll have to check in with my Mum & Dad. I suspect it was something pretty predictable… like Bambi maybe.

I know I used to hide behind the sofa when I was younger when Doctor Who was on, so possibly a few tears of fear as a young lad.

8. The buses have all broken down and you are three miles from your destination, what would you do?

Sack it off and play Xbox.

Or get a cab.

9. If you had the option to live forever, would you take it?

Only if I could share the option with my wife and daughter.

10. What scares you most?

My family are the most important thing in the world to me – my greatest fear is something evil happening to one of them.

11. What is the one thing that you love the most?

My little girl. I didn’t know it was possible to love something so much until the day she was born. Now I can’t imagine not loving her so much.


I’ve got to get going to work in a min so I’ll have to skip the eleven nominees of my own and eleven questions for them until I have more time later. Until then – I hope you enjoyed answers above and will catch you on the flip side of a nasty 2 – 10 shift!


4 responses to “Another Nomination…

  1. Dude! I totally LOVED your answers! If I’d had the opportunity to shake hands with the entire Red Dwarf cast, I’d never wash my hand again…er, on second thought, that just sounds disgusting…I hope that nasty shift doesn’t kick your butt too hard! Great post!
    Peace out!

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