Comedy Duo Make The Ultimate Playlist

Two slightly random choices hit the Ultimate Playlist this week. They are both by the same duo – Paul & Storm, and the chosen tracks are;

1. Opening Band

2. The Captain’s Wife’s Lament

I’ve always had a soft spot for a good novelty or comedy record (I’ll list a few faves at the end) but it’s generally rare for them to hit the Ultimate Playlist. I’m not quite sure why that is to be honest, the only thing I can think of is maybe they are often less musically accomplished, with a strong focus on the comedy lyrics, and therefore only the comedy songs that have both humorous lyrics and a some good musicianship hit the playlist.

That is certainly the case here. I came to know Paul & Storm initially from a YouTube video of a Wil Wheaton skit called, i think, “meeting Captain Kirk”. The piece was being performed at a convention and Paul & Storm were providing humorous little musical interludes and accompaniment to Wil Wheaton’s tale. After watching the vid I delved into other links of their performances and found myself enjoying their songs; the two mentioned above especially making me chuckle, and ultimately made my way over to iTunes and purchased some albums.

Why do I like these songs so much? Well, for a start, they make me laugh. The Captain’s Wife’s Lament is a wonderful wordplay that just gives me the childish giggles and Opening Band is a clever little concept for a comedy song that makes me chuckle whenever I hear it. There’s one great version of The Captain’s Wife’s Lament on YouTube that is an accapella rendition from when Paul & Storm used to perform as part of a group called Da Vinci’s Notebook that I adore. I’ve posted it in below. These songs aren’t just comedy though – they are also good tunes; I’ve found myself whistling the melody or singing bits of lyric as I’ve ambled around my day. (Sometimes to humorous effect when I realise I’ve been randomly singing just snippets of The Captain’s Wife’s Lament in company!) there meet the standards of the list on musical merit as well for the amusing concepts and lyrics.

These guys are playing Manchester in September, but I am unfortunately on holiday with my family over the weekend they are playing (going to the Lakes for a bit of RnR and for the Little One to get some Beatrix Potter experience). I am sad that I’ll miss them because these guys are obviously confident and accomplished live performers.

So, check out the vid above and check out some of their other work – I hope they make you laugh and tap your foot as they did Me.

Ultimate Playlist Comedy/Novelty Tunes

1. The Captains Wife’s Lament – Paul & Storm

2. Opening Band – Paul & Storm

3. Jon Williams Is The Man – Moosebutter

4. Pieces of Eight – Captain Bogg & Salty

5. Jiggery Pokery – The Duckworth Lewis Method

6. Tribute – Tenacious D

7. School Of Rock – School Of Rock


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