Man of Steel teaser – like watching laundry dry

The Man Of Steel teaser hit the net today and I must say I found it hugely disappointing.

For starters; one glance out of my kitchen window into the yard and I can confirm that my washing line looks just like the Kent’s washing line. (In both locations – on the coast and in Smallville) I don’t really need to cinematically experience laundry drying too.

And since when was Clark a fisherman. When was that a significant part of the origin story? For a teaser it’s not really some iconic image from the zeitgeist that would get audiences going, is it? (maybe the dog he’s petting is Krypto?) Where was the cheeky glimpse of, say, the Daily Planet, or the Fortress of Solitude, or even just something more firmly Kent Farm/Smallville that would have really ‘teased’? Are these random fishing scenes as far as they’ve got on principle photography? If I didn’t know any better, I might have thought at first I was watching a teaser for a re-release of ‘A Perfect Storm’.

I suppose the red cape was there and the shot of supersonic flight, but even that wasn’t anything particularly compelling or excitingly shiny – I’ll have to check but I’m pretty sure they’ve just re-animated a shot of Neo from The Matrix Revolutions – I’m not especially ‘teased’ by an FX shot that looks ten years old. I would have been more teased by something a little more dynamic in aerial manoeuvres than flying in a straight line too.

The voice over is a bit bland As well – the sort of thing I might listen to when I’m experiencing a bit of insomnia. And what have they done to the “S”? It looks all wierd and swooshy; I can see what they’ve done, making it all alien and Kryptonian, but it doesn’t look at all bold and iconic at all.

I’m not certain low-key was the way to go here, not in the age of an AC/DC soundtracked Ironman and big SMASH Hulks directed by The Whedon himself. You don’t engage and excite superhero fans like me with washing lines, fishing boats and butterflies – we demand a little more energy and verve from our superhero material, even at the teaser stage.

Epic fail WB & DC, grade F.

Whinge over. Thanks for staying.


2 responses to “Man of Steel teaser – like watching laundry dry

  1. For the first 15 seconds I thought it was an ad for Deadliest Catch. Closed it, then took another look at it a few hours later. When it finished I thought “no, i was right to close it after 15 seconds”. Not worth the effort.

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