I Can’t Get Alabama Shakes Out Of My Head…

I can’t get the Alabama Shakes song ‘Hold On’ out of my head.

All it takes is one listen and I find myself whistling and humming it to myself all the rest of the day. This morning I woke up with it in my head. It’s an infectious little tune that is both Alabama Shake’s debut single and the opening track of their debut album ‘Boys & Girls’.

‘Boys & Girls’ is a wonderful album and I’ve been enjoying it immensely since I picked it up. I first became aware of Alabama Shakes when they performed on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ during it’s most recent season (around May time I think, but was probably earlier as the episode sat on my Sky+ for a little while before I got around to watching it) and had to go away and lay my hands on the album based on the strength of their performance on the show. One of the tunes they played really stood out; ‘Hold On’.

The song has got a great rootsy Southern Americana blues/soul sound to it. It starts with a drifting, smoky sounding riff and vocal through the first verse and gathers a nice energy to a more vital and powerful chorus before sliding comfortably back into it’s laid back, Sunday afternoon riff.

There’s a beauty to the songs simplicity that really makes the song shine. It’s not over produced or too complicated, which makes the song accessible and a relaxed listen. Brittany Howard, the lead singer, has a great set of pipes too. The vocal is warm, dynamic and evocative, wonderfully enhanced by this beautifully simple rythym section.

A definite addition to the Ultimate Playlist.


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