‘The Moguls’ – Sweet, Chucklesome fun for a week night…

Me & the Wife got a bit of a random Lovefilm disk the other day; “The Moguls”. (Also known as “The Amateurs in the US.)

I’ll mostly give anything a go movie wise, and can quite often add a random flick to my rental list after a chance find on an IMDB filmography or a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. In this instance I was looking at the career of Patrick Fugit after a recent rewatch of Almost Famous (in my personal top ten movies of all time). I  wondered what else he’d done and took at look at his profile.

‘Moguls’ immediately caught my eye in his filmography; the cast was quite a line up, headed by Jeff Bridges and Ted Danson. I’ll watch anything with Bridges – dude’s a legend. It was immediately added to my rental queue and it soon arrived for viewing.

My wife and I laughed all the way through.

The premise of the film is as follows; Bridge’s character, desperate for cash to compete with his son’s new step-Father, has the dawning realisation that sex sells (He’s a genius!) and convinces his small town bar locals to work together to make their own porno movie – with many hi jinks and calamities along the way.

Now these laughs were not huge belly laughs or uncontrollable tears. More like solid chuckles, intermittently upgraded at various points to loud guffaws. The premise of the film is so utterly outrageous that many a line is uttered in the movie by a character that I couldn’t help laugh at; the topic of discussion and language used often being completely incongruous with the film’s characters and settings. (in a deliberate way, might I add, not in a jarring way.)

The performances are spot on, especially from the core ensemble of Jeff Bridges, Tim Nelson, Ted Danson, William Fitchner and Joe Pantalione. Pantalione is a special stand out who brings some cracking funny to the whole proceedings as the writer director “Some Idiot” (Yep, that really is the character’s name. I think it is some kind of meta reference, but I’ve no idea what). I found all of the characters wonderfully endearing throughout, and, while the jokes were often at the expense of their idiocy, I couldn’t help feel a warmth about these characters and some of their reactions to the world around them. (without getting too spoiler-y; the unrequited love, the homosexual outing, the gentle love Interest sub-plot, the premiere in the bar).

This movie is not going to change your life. It’s a rental, not a purchase. But, on a week night, while there was nothing on telly, my wife and I could have done an awful lot worse than this sweet, chucklesome, entertaining little film.


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